Ayelet Hashahar Yeshiva

Twenty-five years ago, a nucleus of religious families and a Zionist Kollel started working in Eilat. The group members and the Kollel were surprised to find out how thirsty the residents of Eilat were for the Torah of the Land of Israel.

Their activity expanded until 22 years ago when the Ayelet HaShachar yeshiva was founded – the beating heart of wide-reaching Torah work.

The yeshiva has around 110 students, both married and unmarried, who learn in the Bet Midrash, and also, there are approximately 60 students presently serving in the IDF.

The yeshiva has hundreds of alumni who work in all spheres of life in Israel.

The yeshiva aims to raise Talmidei Hachamim and Torah-based people by learning Torah in a profound, systematic way.

The Yeshiva's atmosphere demands idealistic growth and selflessness for the good of Israel and her people in learning Torah, military service, and other facets of life.

This need is evident in our soldiers, who serve in elite units and even continue to become officers and commanders.

The Ayelet Hashahar Yeshiva is the heart and engine of the Religious Zionist framework in Eilat. The yeshiva's alumni serve in many educational and community systems in the city and are central forces in these systems.

Rabbis of the Yeshiva

Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yossi Rodrigues

served as the commander of a company in
the parachute battalion and started his Torah world in Machon Meir, from where he went to
the "Mercaz HaRav" Yeshiva. After learning for several years, he went to learn in the Hazon Elchanan" Kollel in the Old City"
of Jerusalem, and after a while he was asked to serve as the head of the Kollel for army
graduates in the community of Eli.
A few years later he was called to Eilat to be the Rosh Yeshiva of the Ayelet HaShachar
Rabbi Yossi has stood at the helm of the yeshiva for the past 20 years and is the teacher of
the students in their third year of learning.

Rabbi Eli Bazak

learned in the "Mercaz HaRav" Yeshiva and was one of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda
HaCohen Kook's prominent students and one of those continuing his path. Today he gives
lessons in yeshivot such as Har HaMor, Mitzpeh Ramon and Yerucham. Rabbi Eli comes to
Eilat once a week and gives various lessons in Emuna

Rabbi Danny Miller

learned in the "Nir" Yeshiva in Kiryat Arba and after that in the "Mercaz
HaRav" Yeshiva. He was one of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda HaCohen Kook's students and alsoed learned
from Rabbi Shapira. He was a rabbi in the Kollel before the yeshiva was founded and was
one of the founders of the yeshiva in 1997.

Today he is at the head of the "Ateret Nechemia" Yeshiva in Tel Aviv, teaches Emuna in our
yeshiva in Eilat and gives lessons in the Kuzari and Rabbi Kook's teachings in various levels.

Rabbi Golan Saadon

learned in the "Mercaz HaRav" Yeshiva and after that in the "Netivot
Yisrael" Yeshiva in Bat Yam and learnt a number of years in the "Hazon Elchanan" Kollel. He
teaches Emuna to the older students in the yeshiva.

Rabbi Assaf Bendel

 .Learned at the Yeshiva in Eilat

,Today teaches gemara in the afternoon and teaches Emuna and tanach 

Rabbi YAniv Riznik

Learned in the Eilat Yeshiva and from there went to learn in the "Hazon
Elchanan" Kollel in the City of David. He has been the rabbi of the first year students since

He gives lessons in Emuna both to his own students and to the older students.

Rabbi Lior Nechemia Bendit

Learned in "Ateret Nechemia" in Tel Aviv, headed then by Rabbi
Mika HaLevi (now headed by Rabbi Danny Miller) and from there went to the Har Hamor
Yeshiva for the next 6 years. He is the rabbi of the second year students in the yeshiva, and
in addition, he gives lessons in Emuna and Mesilat Yesharim.

Rabbi Aryeh Rothschild

Learned in the "Shavei Hevron" Yeshiva. Today he is a rabbi in the IDF,
and runs the "Orot HaMidbar" organization in Eilat.

He in charge of Halacha learning in the

Rabbi Yochai Kaplan

Learned in the yeshiva in Eilat for 5 years and after the army learned and
taught in the yeshiva in Eli. Today he is the rabbi of the fourth year students and gives
lessons in Emuna.

Rabbi Yakov Sofer

Rabbi Yechiel Ben gigi

Learned in the Har Hamor yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Teaches the after army studens and gives Emuna lessons.

Rabbi Elyashiv Shterenburg

"Learned in the "Har Hamor yeshiva in Jerusalem.

teaches the first year studens and gives Halacha lessons.