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Our Vision for the Complex

Construction of the new Beit Midrash  

After 20 years of great successful, Eilat's Hesder Yeshiva is about to take its next big step forward.

The Yeshiva, which is composed of 120 students learning day and night, plus 60 soldiers currently serving in the IDF, is about to expand.

The Eilat municipality has allocated a 56 dunam (21 acre) plot of land for the Yeshiva upon which the future religious educational complex is currently being built, for the benefit of all Eilat residents. The complex will include the new Beit Midrash, dormitories, the cafeteria and additional buildings that will be open to Eilat residents interested in being more involved in Judaism; these include a new synagogue, mikveh, yeshiva high school, daycare centers, a religious-Zionist tourism center and more. We are privileged to have the full support of the mayor, Mr. Meir Yitzchak Halevi, and many others at the municipality who understand that the Yeshiva is very strategically significant to the city.

The Beit Midrash and religious community in Eilat strive to create a balance to the leisure and entertainment culture of Eilat with meaningful Jewish values.

Thankfully, we have received ongoing assistance from the municipality and know that they are our partners.

Some details about the future Beit Midrash 

The Beit Midrash will have 230 seats, 7 classrooms of varying sizes, a mikveh, the Rosh Yeshiva’s office, a library, room for the faculty rabbis and a computer room.

Plans & Simulations

Simulations of the Hesder Yeshiva complex

Watch 3D 360° simulation

Schedule & Updates

Completion of the Concrete Frame

26 March

The construction of the structural frame of the Beit Midrash was completed right on time. The Yeshiva building now stands, and after Pesach, work on the in…

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We Have a Roof!

17 February

In a complex engineering operation - the roof of the beit midrash was laid.

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Foundations for Rooms

17 January

The foundation was built for the classrooms and the other rooms on the floor of the Beit Midrash.

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