Completion of the Concrete Frame

The construction of the structural frame of the Beit Midrash was completed right on time. The Yeshiva building now stands, and after Pesach, work on the interior will begin. The construction of the structural frame of the Beit Midrash, the women's section, classrooms, the Rosh Yeshiva's room, the foyer areas, the mikveh, and the window frame at the front has been completed. The front wall's height is about 9 meters and produces an impressive look that blends well with Eilat's desert landscape. Less than a year ago, the area designated for construction was an abandoned sandy hill. Today, the Yeshiva building stands there proudly. The cost of building the structural frame, close to 2 million NIS, was financed by the Yeshiva's own graduates. Each graduate contributed as much as they could, while on average, each graduate donated thousands of shekels toward establishing the permanent structure of the Yeshiva. We have come a long way, but much work remains to be done. Now, we face the future, to the plumbing and electrical work, to the finishes and furniture. Onward to the yeshiva's inauguration, with God's help!

26 March