Connected to the city

Dear friends

The "Ayelet Hashachar" Yeshiva stands at the center of the community of "El Ami" - a community that is privileged to be a partner in the spirit and identity of the city of Eilat. A community of more than 100 families was formed around the yeshiva, which is part of a cooperative effort to strengthen Jewish identity, culture, and welfare in the city. Over the years we have worked in partnership with all the city's authorities - the Municipality of Eilat, its various branches, the network of community centers and education departments in the city, and this partnership is one of the cornerstones of community and community development.

We see the right to be part of this wonderful city and invite more and more residents to join and enjoy the variety of services and activities we offer in the city.


Chesed - Family

Keruv - Jewish Identity

Educate with love