• Born on the 12th of 1983
  • 13th of 2002
  • בן 23 בנופלו
  • His Resting Place
  • בית העלמין הצבאי הר הרצל

Life Story

Noam was born in Jerusalem, to his father, Haim and his mother, Gila. He learnt in the Horev
elementary and middle school and after that learnt in the yeshiva high school in Mizpeh
After finishing his studies, he went to learn in the Ayelet HaShachar yeshiva in Eilat for 6
years. During his army service, he served as a tank driver in Brigade 7, Battalion 82 and
finished the tank commanders' course.
Noam received the emergency call-up for the Lebanon War on the eve of Tisha B'Av when
he was in Eilat, preparing for his wedding. When he got to his unit, he found out that the
loader signaler (of bombs) of the leading forces in another company was sick and couldn't
function. Noam was called upon to replace him, as he was a tank commander and was
familiar with all the functions of the tank. A situation was created in which Noam presented
himself at the head of the procession in the first tank of the force that was moving in the
Binat Jabbal area. Noam and the company commander were exposed in the tank as part of
leading the force and as soon as the anti- tank rocket hit the tank, they were instantly
injured. The tank itself was not damaged apart from one of the caterpillar tracks which
prevented the tank from moving. The woodland area prevented air aid from arriving and
therefore a group of fighters had to secure the tank in an inferior area for more than 36
hours until they were rescued.
Noam was a pleasant person – a man with a big smile who always aimed for the truth with
all his strength and left an enormous hole in the heart of all who knew him.
May his soul be bound with the bundle of life

May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life