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  • בית העלמין הצבאי הר הרצל

Life Story

Shmuel was born in Elon Moreh to his parents Rabbi Arieh and Tzipora.
At the age of 6, his family moved to Kiryat Arba where he learnt in the Talmud Torah. He was
a member of the Ariel youth movement and continued to the local yeshiva high school in 7 th
and 8 th grades.
In 9 th grade he moved to Yashlatz in Jerusalem in which he stood out in his special
personality – pleasant, modest, honest and full of love of Torah, together with social
commitment and taking responsibility even for those younger than him.
After finishing high school, Shmuel went to learn in the Ayelet HaShachar yeshiva in Eilat
where he came to the realization that "Torah should be learnt seriously" and as he didn't yet
feel ready for this, he chose to enlist in the IDF, where he served in Regiment 51 of Golani as
a combat medic.
During the "Protective Edge" campaign in Jenin, where he was fighting with his battalion,
Shmuel was hit by an Arab sniper in one of the passageways in the refugee camp while
running to give medical help to a friend who was injured. Shmuel received a posthumous
citation of bravery for this.

May his soul be bound up in the bundle of life.

May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life