• Born on the 21th of Iyar 1979
  • 12th of Av 2006
  • 27
  • His Resting Place

Life Story

Yehuda was born in Haifa to his parents Avraham and Bilha.
He studied at the "Zion Ori" elementary school. In 7 th grade he moved to "Makor Haim" and in
the 9 th grade to "Yashlatz" in Jerusalem. He was a member and a madrich in the Ezra youth
After finishing high school, he studied for two years at "Ateret Cohanim" and enlisted for his
military service in the Paratroopers Brigade. After a year and a half in the Hesder framework, he
transferred to Ayelet HaShachar yeshiva in Eilat and studied there for three years. After his
marriage to Gavriella, they moved to Michmas and Yehuda joined the "Netivot
Yisrael" yeshiva.
After six years at the yeshiva, he started learning biotechnology at the Hadassa
Yehuda dislocated his shoulder on a hike with friends and therefore when he was called up in
emergency reserve duty, he wasn't allowed to fight with his friends in the paratroopers. He
was stationed at the headquarters and then killed when a Katyusha rocket fell on Kfar
Yehuda left his wife, Gavriella and two children, Raaya Shulamit and Ron Avichai.
May his soul be bound in the bundle of life

May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life