A 2 km circular route that goes through a narrow red and beautiful canyon. The canyon is submerged in red sand stone and forms small (dry) waterfalls where you climb down with the help of short ladders.
Drive from Eilat on route 12 about 18 Km to the "Red canyon" sign on the right of the road, turn right on to the Red route, drive about a kilometer and turn right again on to the Green route, where you will see the parking lot.
Park the car and continue on foot on the Green route into the Red canyon.
At the end of the canyon follow the Black route back to the beginning of the canyon, and follow the Green route back to the parking lot.
You can extend the hike by another 3 Km by continuing on the Green route instead of going on the Black(back to the car), follow the green route for another kilometer until there is a Black route that goes right, take the Black route (slightly difficult) until a right turn to the Red route that will take you back to the parking lot.

A slightly challenging route about 5 Km long that passes through mountains and lookouts.

Drive from Eilat on route 12 about 7 Km,then turn right to Mount Jehoram parking lot (there are signs).Park the car and start the hike by foot .Follow the Black route for about 2.5 Km through Mount Jehoram and its beautiful views to the summit of Mount Shlomo.(be careful-steep up hill!)

From the summit of Mount Shlomo there is a beautiful 360 degree view. We will return from the same way we came and pass by a "saddle" where Red trail split, this place in among the only places in the world where one step separates between 2 geological periods that separate about 500 million years. On one side is the White chalk and on the other side are the dark Granit rocks

This "saddle" is also called the "sayeret matkal" saddle' in memory of two "sayeret matkal" patrol soldiers (Yaron Bar David and Eran Ofer) who died navigating in the area.

You will keep going on the route and reach a lookout in memory of the soldiers, from where you follow the Black route back to the parking lot.  

This hike requires 2 cars! 

A 4 Km non-circular route with impressive cliffs and sea views.

Drive from Eilat about 4.5 Km up road 12 until you turn left onto a dirt road that is in front of the sign to the right of "Nahal Shlomo", you will connect to a road and drive to a military gate, park the first car in the dirt area next to the gate.

Drive the second car back to road 12 where you turn left and drive another 3.5 Km until a left turn to Mt.Yoash and Gishron Stream parking lot, where you park the second car.

Start walking on the Blue route (part of the Israel trail) for about 3.5 Km where you will have great view of the Gishron Cliffs and the Eilat bay.

After 3.5 Km you will reach a 30 meter water fall that flows with water after a lot of rain days; in the winter there is a water "gev" where you can go in and enjoy the cold refeshing water, at the top and bottom .of the waterfall

Continue on the trail for 0.5 Km until you turn left on to a Red route, after walking 300 meters on the Red route, turn left on a Green route and follow it up until the parking lot where you parked the first car. 

https://www.waze.com/he/live-map/directions?latlng=29.570247115830945%2C34.892406463623054 חניה רכב 2 - https://www.waze.com/he/live-map/directions?latlng=29.58792861%2C34.87934947.

A circular route about 3 Km long that takes you through a beautiful lookout and a water spring.

Drive from Eilat on road 12 about 8 Km until a left turn to Mount Yoash and Nahal Gishron. Park the car in the dirt parking lot and climb Mt. Yoashon on foot for an amazing view  (recommended especially at sunset and sunrise) where you can see 4 countries (Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt).

return to the parking lot and cross the road to a Black jeep road that leads to the Netafim spring, walk 1 Km until you reach the spring. The spring has water all year long.

You can either return to the car on the same route you came on, or walk south on a Black route for 1 Km until there is a right turn (on the Israel trail), walk 300 meters and you will be back at the parking-lot.

Beautiful Gevim full of water for a few months after a flashflood in the stream.

Drive from Eilat on route 12 for about 10 Km, after passing the "Ein Netafim border cross" there is a sharp turn where the road merges into 2 lanes. After the sharp turn there is a dirt parking lot on the right. Park the car and walk downhill towards the stream. In the stream walk about 0.5 Km to the Gevim.

Return to the car the same way you came

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