Preparing for Purim 5781

Preparing for Purim full blast! Beyond the personal preparation of each and every person, we were privileged to hear and smell the teachings of those who deepened and demanded the taps of the coming holiday. On Tuesday, Rabbi Golan Saadon spoke, who linked the holiday's issue to the state of the nation at that time. On Wednesday, we had the privilege of hearing a general lesson from Rabbi Eli Bezeq, who, in addition to his regular lessons as he did every week, also gave a general lesson on the Purim talks on Purim, and went deeper into things. Also on that day, we heard a shiur from the Rosh Yeshiva on the mental preparation required in order to absorb and receive the holiday lights correctly and accurately. And we were privileged to receive the sanctity of Purim - in earnest!

24 February