Groups for learning about Judaism.
 Seminars and conferences on professional topics according to the Jewish approach.
 Hafrashat Challah (commandment of separating dough) events.
 “Fun Tuesday” activities – Jewish-themed carnivals for the children of the city.
 “Ami Youth” – A group of secular adolescents that meets every week for Jewish learning and fun.
 Evening Beit Midrash – Study center for individuals taking their first steps in Torah learning.
 “Nefesh Yehudi” project – Weekly learning groups with college students.
 Teaching classes on Judaism at the various army bases located near Eilat.
 Synagogue Rabbis – Eight rabbis who serve as synagogue rabbis throughout the city.


 About 10 activities per week.
Over 600 contacts interested in receiving information about classes on Judaism and our activities.
 About 20 learners at the Beit Midrash every week.
 Over 50 people participating in lectures and classes on Judaism every week.
About 100 soldiers listening to classes on Judaism at their bases every week.

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