Every week for the past 6 years, a group of college students has met at Lights in the Desert. “Family atmosphere,” “a normal corner in the race of life,” “finally some depth in life” – this is some of the feedback that we receive from students. What is the framework that makes them feel this way? It is the encounter with Judaism, the same Judaism of our forefather Abraham. Judaism that introduces people to loving and having faith in life, in themselves, in their surroundings and within the Jewish nation. It is an encounter and study of the foundations of Judaism:
the soul, faith, God that is within me, and building a family. Lectures, learning in pairs, open discussion on any topic, an encounter with the Torah and with the depth of Judaism. Spiritual empowerment, building the tools a person needs to live a better, truer life. Hikes through the Eilat Mountains that teach us important values as we walk, as well as joint Shabbat getaways in Jerusalem.

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