We named this organization after Noam Meyerson H"yd – a graduate of Ayelet Hashachar Hesder Yeshiva who fell in the Second Lebanon War, just before his wedding.

Our counseling aims to build up a couple’s trust in one another to promote joint growth and development.

We provide the tools to deal with future challenges & hardships. Our counselors are compassionate and attentive, offering guidance and ensuring that the couple’s needs and desires are the main focus.

We are committed to reinforcing the family unit by hosting lectures and workshops on communication and marriage from a Jewish perspective.    

We work in a number of ways

Guidance for brides and grooms.

Running a clinic for marriage counseling at a subsidized price.

BAMA project – Activity in kindergartens that offers a lecture on marriage and family
issues for parents while simultaneously running an interactive activity for the children
of the kindergarten and their siblings.

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Program coordinator: Leah Gutman |