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  • and its wasteland like the garden of the Hashem"
    "And he shall make its desert like a paradise,

    and its wasteland like the garden of the Hashem"

    (Yeshayahu, 51:3)

About the Yeshiva

The Ayelet Hashachar Hesder Yeshiva in Eilat was founded in 1997.
The Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Yossi Rodriguez, a former deputy battalion commander in the IDF.
There are 120 students currently studying at the Yeshiva, with another 60 performing their army service. The Yeshiva has hundreds of alumni in Eilat and all over Israel, working in a diverse range of professions - rabbis, military officers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, educators, etc.
The Yeshiva follows in the path of Rabbi Kook and believes that young men should dedicate a few years, both before and after performing their army service, to in-depth Torah study.

Construction at the Yeshiva

After 20 years of Jewish activity in Eilat, Ayelet Hashachar is on the verge of a tremendous and meaningful step that will increase our spiritual and physical presence in the city. We are building a new campus that will include a new Bet Midrash, a dining hall, dormitories, housing for the married students and their teachers, and more.

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 Last Update

Completion of the Concrete Frame

The construction of the structural frame of the Beit Midrash was completed right on time. The Yeshiva building now stands, and after Pesach,…

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